Nonso Akunwafor

University of Bristol Summer Institute on Arts, Activism, and Social Justice

Nonso Akunwafor is a rising sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Urban Studies with a Spanish minor. At VCU, Nonso is a member of the Honors College, a professional development organization, a book club, and the Global Buddies Program, which partners VCU students and international students on campus to build cross-cultural friendships. Participating in that program has helped Nonso gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of other cultures.

Having lived in Richmond, Virginia all of his life, Nonso is excited to explore a new culture and immerse himself in Bristol life. Because of his Nigerian background, Nonso has always taken interest in learning about African history and social movements. For that reason, Nonso is excited to participate in the University of Bristol’s institute, not only to learn new and interesting things but also to apply his newly acquired skills and experiences towards leadership and community service. Upon his return from Bristol, Nonso hopes to encourage more people, especially men of color, to study abroad. In his free time, Nonso likes to read, spend time outdoors, and go to the gym.