Nina Dahan-Reljich

All Disciplines Award, Columbia University - Writing

Nina Dahan-Reljich is a poet and fiction writer. She graduated from the University of Manchester with a first-class degree in English Literature with Creative Writing, where she was awarded the Faculty of Humanities Dean’s Award for Achievement, the Shakespeare Scholarship (2019) the Edith C. Wilson Prize (2020) and the Level 3 Prize for Fiction (2020). She is the Senior Editor and Head of Creative Writing for the University’s English Literature, American Studies and Creative Writing academic journal. Her poetry has been published in UK-based literary magazines The Tangerine, The Manchester Review, and Bath Magg, under the name Nina Reljić. Nina will undertake a two-year Writing MFA Program at Columbia University, specialising in Poetry. She hopes to develop her writing practice within the academic and creative environment offered by Columbia, as well as the historic and culturally rich literary setting of New York City. She is looking forward to meeting emerging and experienced writers in the USA with whom she hopes to collaborate on creative projects. Nina is committed to publicising writing as a medium of celebration, reflection and resistance. She aims to publish her poetry as a collection, and eventually establish an independent publishing press.