Neel Roy

University of Kent Postgraduate Award, University of Kent - Public Policy

Public policy deliberations can be messy affairs. Often, their rhetorical excesses leave participants wanting for greater objectivity and rigor. Econometric analysis offers just that by counting, comparing outcomes, and observing trends, which together yield the understanding communities need to craft and implement evidence-based policy. This academic approach greatly excites Neel and, further, fuels his eagerness to begin studying at the University of Kent. As an undergraduate at Texas Tech University, Neel majored in Economics and minored in Mathematics and Chemistry. While there, he founded a nonprofit organization, which serves over 750 disadvantaged children; contributed to an NIH-funded Alzheimer’s study; and competed with the university’s mock trial team. After graduating, he worked as the policy aide to the State Chief Medical Officer in New Mexico. Neel is now eager to apply these experiences to his Fulbright research, which is focused on the health of migrant populations. Canterbury is a gorgeous town, and he is excited to immerse himself in its community and culture. He is especially keen to explore its centuries-old urban infrastructure and to hike the many trails in and around the town!