Neal Daniel

Scotland Summer Institute on Technology, Innovation and Creativity: University of Strathclyde and the Glasgow School of Art

Neal Daniel is from Douglasville, Georgia, which is about 30 minutes away from Atlanta. He is a rising sophomore at the University of Miami studying Innovation, Technology, and Design, a major at the intersection of entrepreneurship, engineering, and innovation.

At the Glasgow School of Art and the University of Strathclyde, Neal hopes to learn how Glasgow has evolved in recent years and compare it to the evolution of Miami because both cities are looking to become hubs of innovation.

Neal is passionate about mentoring as both a mentor and mentee at his university, as he believes there is always something to learn from others, regardless of age or background. He hopes to bring his appreciation for others' experiences as well as his own to Scotland to facilitate mutual understanding.

Additionally, Neal is an ardent football fan and would love to enjoy the unparalleled atmosphere of a European match. Considering the Blythswood House sits in the middle of the two largest clubs in Scotland, he hopes his dream will become a reality during his stay.