Navraj Nagra

All Disciplines Award, Harvard University - Health Services Administration

As a doctor working in the UK National Health Service (NHS) I was inspired by clinical leaders who continually tried to improve the way in which we treat and care for our patients, whilst being acutely aware of financial limitations. The work we did together, drove me to further research, and having undertaken an M.Sc. and now coming towards the end of my D.Phil. at the University of Oxford - I have seen the power of big data research to create advances in healthcare, and its delivery, for not just one patient, but thousands. This interest has led me to look more broadly at different ways of delivering healthcare. Whilst at Harvard, I will be researching Value-Based Healthcare, an approach to healthcare which puts patients’ outcomes at the heart of the system. I will work with Harvard Law School to determine the regulatory barriers to the implementation of Value-Based Healthcare; and with Harvard Business School/the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to generate and study real-world data for patients undergoing breast cancer care to quantify the potential health and economic benefits of employing this approach. I’m excited to be a Fulbrighter and to live and work around Boston - particularly to foster ongoing research collaborations and, of course, to catch a Patriot's game.