Nathaniel Morrison

Lancaster University Postgraduate Award, Lancaster University - Physics

Nathaniel completed his B.S. in Physics and Applied Mathematics at California State University, Long Beach, in spring of 2020. While there, Nathaniel pursued both physics and mathematics research, studying nonlinear optical materials for use in next generation laser safety glasses and applying computational methods to knot theory. Nathaniel also had the opportunity to participate in an NSF-funded summer internship in Paris, helping to design optical systems to improve the sensitivity of measurements at the Virgo Gravitational Wave Observatory. In addition to research, Nathaniel also worked in his university’s children’s science museum and taught part of a first-year calculus course. At Lancaster University, Nathaniel will pursue a Master’s in Physics, focusing on low temperature systems that help answer fundamental questions about quantum mechanics. He also hopes to apply his teaching experience to Lancaster’s various outreach programs at local primary and secondary schools. An avid hiker, Nathaniel looks forward to joining Lancaster University’s hiking club, taking a break from the deserts of Southern California to explore the different kinds of terrain in Northern England.