Mukul Devichand

Editor of Audio Programing for The New York Times

Mukul Devichand is the Editor of Audio Programing for The New York Times, a new role at the frontier of digital audio, created in 2021 and based in New York. Previously, Mukul was at the BBC for 17 years, based in London. He became an editor after a long background in international, investigative and longform reporting for radio and TV. As Editor, he was known for innovative forms of digital publishing and launched and ran a number of journalism units for BBC News and the BBC World Service, including the 24/7 BBC Interactive News, BBC Trending (the BBC “bureau on the global internet”) and the solutions journalism unit People Fixing The World. From 2017, he was the BBC’s first Executive Editor of Voice + AI, building up a large team across production, software engineering and design, and taking the values of public broadcasting into the new space of AI Assistants. 

Mukul grew up in South Wales and his life changed after he first lived in New York City as a Fulbright Scholar studying journalism at Columbia University. He’s passionate about how both journalism and educational exchange can bring the world together and enrich both individual lives and our shared global culture and understanding.