Moni Islam

Durham University Postgraduate Award - Archaeology

Moni graduated summa cum laude from George Mason University with a double major in Global Affairs and Anthropology. At Mason, he explored his various interests in archaeology, cultural anthropology, international relations, and the Middle East. Through internships at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History and Fairfax County Park Authority, he developed his archaeological skills and in 2019 was awarded the Gilman Scholarship to participate in an archaeological excavation led by the University of Liverpool on the site of Tell Dhiban in Jordan. While there, his passion for archaeology and the Middle East was cemented and, through connecting with his British peers, he began considering postgraduate study in the United Kingdom. At Durham, Moni will pursue an MA in Archaeology, primarily focusing on pre-Islamic Arabia - a largely unexplored yet truly remarkable period of history that has been hidden thus far. He will also focus on cultural heritage, a strength at Durham. While at Durham, he is eager to visit the endless historical sites, beautiful natural scenery, and all things Harry Potter in the United Kingdom.