Mireille Cypher

Scotland Summer Institute on Technology, Innovation and Creativity: University of Strathclyde and the Glasgow School of Art

Mireille Cypher, a passionate advocate for health and education, hails from Marietta, GA. As a Kinesiology major specializing in Health and Fitness, she possesses a fervent desire to empower individuals to assume control of their well-being.

Her ultimate aspiration is to serve as an internationally-based Physician Assistant, particularly in regions grappling with high maternal mortality rates, where she aims to provide support and education to both women and healthcare professionals.

Mireille's ardor for technology and its potential to enhance and safeguard lives is unwavering. She endeavors to inspire and contribute to healthcare reform. With a commitment to healthcare and education, Mireille strives to make a lasting impact by empowering individuals, fostering reform, and promoting holistic well-being globally.

She is excited to be challenged academically and hear new perspectives through the Summer Institute. Mireille is eager to meet both new students and Glaswegians. She possesses Scottish heritage, which has kindled an eager anticipation to experience Scotland for the first time. She is particularly captivated by the country's architectural wonders and enchanting countryside.