Micheal Munson

University of Liverpool Postgraduate Award, University of Liverpool - Biology

Micheal graduated from Baylor with a BA in Biochemistry. In college, Micheal developed a smart-phone app capable of detecting various eye diseases and worked towards elucidating the molecular mechanism responsible for group 1 pulmonary hypertension. In addition to his research interests, Micheal led Kids Are Scientists, Too, (KAST), a non-profit devoted to implementing experimental approaches in primary education across the nation. Micheal's research experiences have inspired him to further explore other avenues in biomedical research before he decides on what to study in his PhD. At the University of Liverpool, he will primarily focus on developing hydrogels capable of delivering a plethora of therapeutic agents that may one day be delivered to patients. Micheal hopes to take this experience with him to further inform how he can most contribute to reversing paralysis resulting from spinal cord injuries.