Michael Preedy

British Heart Foundation Award, Yale University - Cardiovascular Science

I was born and raised in North East London where my enthusiasm for biology began in local state schools. I read Biomedicine at the University of East Anglia and graduated in 2015. I moved to the William Harvey Research Institute at Queen Mary University of London for my postgraduate training with Prof. Adrian Hobbs.

As a cardiovascular scientist, I am interested in the physiology and pathology of the heart and blood vessels. At Yale, I will study how vascular cells process lipids, and investigate whether lipid uptake and metabolism contribute to cardiovascular disease. I hope that, in addition to improving our knowledge of cardiovascular biology, my Fulbright project will identify novel pharmacological targets and encourage therapeutic innovation that will ultimately benefit patients with cardiovascular disease. I am delighted that Fulbright partners with the BHF, and I am excited to work with Prof. William Sessa and the outstanding scientists at Yale. Outside of the lab, I am looking forward to exploring Yale’s libraries, museums, and galleries, and indulging in the food, drink, and music that New Haven has to offer.