Mia Testa

All Disciplines Award - Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Literature at Stony Brook University

Born and raised on the Isle of Wight, Mia’s early experiences living in a low income household and attending failing schools have made her passionate about the accessibility of the arts and education as a tool for social mobility. She went on to attend the University of Oxford on a Crankstart Scholarship, and graduated with a degree in English Language and Literature in 2020. Her time there is what has fuelled her desire to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing and tell stories about the intricacies of class, wealth, gender, and the intersection of all three.

At Stony Brook University, Mia looks forward to refining her craft alongside similarly minded writers, sharing her passion for educational accessibility through teaching and outreach work, exploring the New York and New England areas through food, architecture, music, and history, and sharing her experiences on her YouTube channel.