Marcy Baez

Fulbright Distinguished Teacher, University of Glasgow

Mercy Baez is a 5th grade teacher who has been teaching for 6 years. She has spent most of her career teaching 5th grade, but has taught in both English and Spanish. She has about 20 students from all diverse background and languages in her class. She is a member of her schools leadership team, schools Advisory Board as well as involved in the districts strategic planning committee. She received her Bachelor's degree in English and Textual studies from Syracuse University in 2008, and her Master's degree in Elementary Education from Salem State in 2018. Mercy's hobbies including reading, baking bread and watching football. Mercy's project is called "Anti-Racist Pedagogy in UK Schools" and it aims to delve into how the United Kingdom is changing its curriculum to be more inclusive of it's changing population and growing brown and black demographics. Mercy's hope is that this research will impact how districts both in the UK and back home in her community present curriculum to students.