Megan Spoor

All Disciplines Award, Tulane University - Architecture

Megan is an architectural assistant passionate about climate change adaptation and community-focused design. Born and raised in the Welsh Valleys, Megan's decision to enter the field of architecture was driven by a desire to help low-income communities like her own. After graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Nottingham, Megan worked in Australia and the UK on affordable housing and low-carbon construction. Megan has also collaborated on a Cyclone-proof housing prototype for communities in the South Pacific, contributed to research in sustainable design, and is currently part of a charity striving to support locally-led development in Vanuatu. These experiences exposed her to the impact climate change will have on low-income communities globally, instilling a passion to act. Tulane offers Megan an exciting opportunity to study in a city at the forefront of climate change and work directly with communities challenged by rising sea levels in New Orleans, India, and Ethiopia. She hopes to use her degree to develop inclusive adaption strategies that can be implemented globally, prioritising those most at risk. She is excited to experience the vibrant culture of New Orleans and plans to become involved with the University equestrian team.