Megan Olshefski

Durham University Postgraduate Award, Durham University - Archaeology

Growing up in a small town on California’s Central Coast, Megan's love for the great-outdoors, history, genealogy, and archaeology was nurtured by her antique-collecting, history-loving family. She received a Bachelor's in History from UCLA with a focus on women's history in Early Ancient Rome before working in the Television Industry as a Researcher and Producer - focusing on historical-documentary style programs. When invited to join an archaeological excavation with Dr. Christopher Gerrard and Dr. Christine Graves of Durham University, she knew the time had come to return to academia. Megan's PhD will continue Durham's ground-breaking research on Scottish prisoners of war from the Battle of Dunbar in 1650, who were forced to leave home and establish their lives in New England, Barbados, and France. Through comparative research of other 17th-century forced migrants and the analysis of archaeological material culture and historical documents Megan will determine how 17th-century forced migrants built their lives and passed on a memory of home to their descendants. She is eager to bring to life these long-forgotten stories and additionally looks forward to exploring the historical sights and natural wonders of the United Kingdom.