Max Wang

Fulbright-University of Nottingham Award

Max Wang grew up in the California Bay Area and moved to Chicagoland to study at Northwestern University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering in 2022. His interests lie at the intersection of biomedical research and clinical practice. 

Academically, his interests in engineering, neuroscience, and statistics have led him into the interdisciplinary field of MRI neuroimaging, where he has conducted methodological research leading to a first-author publication. Currently, he works on a clinical neuroimaging trial and is motivated by his desire to translate methods that are used in research into day-to-day clinical practice. He was first inspired to pursue clinical work from volunteering with sick children in the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford. Following this passion, he worked as an Emergency Medical Technician in Chicago and continued to volunteer in local nursing homes. 

Through the Fulbright Scholarship, Max will pursue a Master’s of Research at the University of Nottingham, using multimodal MRI analysis to evaluate the effect of a novel transcranial magnetic stimulation protocol for treating chronic knee pain. In the future, he hopes to continue to advance the translation of neuroimaging and neuromodulation techniques into clinical practice as a physician-scientist. 

As a lifelong football fan, he is also looking forward to joining the crowds of Nottingham Forest fans at the City Ground!