Mattie Denison

Fulbright All Disciplines Postgraduate Award, Physics PhD - University of Pennsylvania

On the back of 4 years at Durham University, graduating this year with a MSc in Particles, Strings, and Cosmology; Mattie is looking forward to exploring the bigger and busier city of Philadelphia while studying for a PhD in Physics at the University of Pennsylvania.

Mattie will be joining the Center for Particle Cosmology studying how the smallest things in the Universe affect the structure of the Universe as a whole. She is very grateful for the opportunity Fulbright has granted her to work with leading researchers in this relatively young field, as well as the adventures she hopes to have travelling the beautiful natural parks of the US.

In parallel with her studies, Mattie aims to show how small actions make a big difference in increasing participation of women in Physics. With this in mind she is keen to continue her outreach efforts and volunteer with the Access Science programme at Penn, working with local schools to encourage science engagement.

Beyond the world of Physics, she is excited to see how the US lives up to the American literature she enjoys, and how easily her love of cricket and rugby will transfer to baseball and American football.