Mark Hertenstein

University of St. Andrews Postgraduate Award - Theology

Rev. Mark Hertenstein, of Ramer, Alabama, received his B.A. in Classical Studies and Theology from Boston College in 2014 and his M.Div. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2017, and is an ordained Presbyterian minister. He will pursue his Ph.D. in Divinity at the University of St. Andrews under the supervision of Professor Christoph Schwöbel. At St. Andrews, Mark’s research will focus on the notion of the presence of God to the world, with a view toward a constructive account of this divine attribute that is attentive to philosophy of science and concept and context of secularism. This will intersect with his interest in the concrete, lived reality and experience of religious people within the particular culture of the U.K. and Scotland. Aside from the long tradition of academic exchange in the field of theology between the United States and United Kingdom, Mark also has a broader interest in British history and the relationship of American culture, government, and religion to their British antecedents. Outside of his intellectual interests, Mark and his wife Susannah look forward to exploring the cities and landscapes of Scotland together, and he is especially keen to try out his golf skills on true Scottish links.