Mara Lewis

The Fulbright Queen's University Belfast Summer Institute 

Mara Lewis was raised in Derry, Pennsylvania, and is a rising sophomore at Georgetown University. Mara intends to major in Psychology with a minor in Education, Inquiry, and Justice. She is passionate about working with youth to navigate adversity and empower them to make positive choices.

In her local community, Mara has served as a mentor for three years through her work as a camp counselor and volunteer at the elementary school in her area. Combining her interest in youth development with the law, Mara volunteers in Dr. Woolard’s Community Research Group, which explores family and adolescent experiences within the criminal justice system.

As her first time traveling abroad, Mara is excited to learn the history of Northern Ireland firsthand and explore the culture and dynamics of the country! In exploring identity-based conflicts, Mara aims to deepen her understanding of how divisions form and how to create solutions. She hopes to use this learning experience to foster a greater sense of empathy and understanding. Mara is so grateful for this opportunity and looks forward to meeting others from diverse backgrounds!