Manú Bartlett

Postgraduate Award at The New School, The New School - Anthropology

By growing up between London and Lima (Peru) Manú gained a bicultural understanding of non-normative identities and inequalities. She studied Geography at the London School of Economics, where she wrote a first-class thesis on “Latin Americans in London: ‘Othering’ and the Coloniality of Power”. While at the LSE Manú was selected to undertake a year-long exchange to SciencesPo University in France, where she studied Latin American Social Sciences. After her BA she joined the prestigious UK Department for International Development, gaining experience in international diplomacy and humanitarian programming. Manú’s long term research interests are centred around the global Latinx diaspora. She has chosen to study an MA in Anthropology at the New School due to her interests in postcolonial theory, ethnomusicology, migration, and linguistic identity. After her MA Manú hopes to continue this research to PhD level. By becoming a lifelong Fulbrighter, Manú’s work will aim to contribute to the acquisition of knowledge, in order to solve global inequalities and to represent the needs of marginal communities.