Maisie Anderson

All Disciplines Award, Princeton University - Public Policy

Growing up in Brixton in a family of professional musicians, my decision to build a career in politics was decidedly left field. After a degree in History at Cambridge, I turned to the world of policy and public affairs. After volunteering on Obama’s 2012 election campaign in Nevada, I returned to London and was elected Labour Councillor for the Borough of Southwark being responsible for public health, parks and leisure.

Standing down in 2018, I have since been working as Head of Campaigns & Public Affairs at the Centre for Ageing Better. During my time in the US, I will be pursuing a Masters in Public Policy at the Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University. I intend to spend the year gaining new perspectives into public policymaking and questioning the approaches I have seen thus far. My husband, two-year old daughter and I are thrilled to be moving to the US and look forward to making new friends, travelling and having adventures. In addition to my studies, I hope to get involved in the music community at Princeton and support young women to get involved in politics.