Madisen Caster

University of Leicester Postgraduate Award, University of Leicester - Museum Studies

Madisen graduated from the University of North Texas with a BA in History and a minor in Art History. During this time, she presented research at three conferences discussing historical myths and 10th-century judicial torture. She has always had an interest in British history and she decided that she wanted to work directly with artifacts that have survived for centuries. Following her BA, Madisen worked for a year at a local museum and developed a greater understanding of the need for inclusive and adaptive practices in this field. She helped develop programs for people with hypersensitivity, as well as a virtual reality program to make information more accessible to people of all abilities. The United Kingdom is at the forefront of innovation to make cultural institutions accessible spaces and during her time at Leicester, she will learn how to ensure her work in museums is inclusive. Madisen is excited to listen to and learn from communities that are not her own, while getting to visit sites and museums she has only studied from afar. The list of historical sites she plans to visit is continuously growing and she is enthusiastic to begin checking off each one.