Madelyn Correllus

Fulbright-University of Sheffield Award

Madelyn graduated from Susquehanna University in 2022 with bachelor’s degrees in psychology and music. She became involved in social psychology research, working as a research assistant as well as conducting her own research on social norms and ideologies regarding family structures and relationships. During her junior year, she spent a semester in Prague, learning about cultural differences and taking classes in gender studies and politics of music. Inspired by her time abroad, she wanted her investigation of diverse identities and backgrounds to extend beyond only American experiences. 

At the University of Sheffield, Madelyn will pursue an MA in sociology where she will study emergent ideas and theory and their application to today’s pressing sociological challenges. She is particularly interested in qualitative research methods and sociologies of gender and sexuality.   

Aside from her studies, Madelyn plans to continue playing flute in ensembles, explore Sheffield, and travel around the UK.