Lynda Nwike

British Friends of Harvard Business School MBA Award - Business Administration

Lynda will be completing a Masters in Business Administration at Harvard Business School and a Masters in Public Administration - International Development at the Harvard John F Kennedy School of Government. Whilst in the US, she aims to join and learn from an international network of change agents focused on enabling greater energy equity, using energy as a means for driving economic development whilst navigating the challenges of climate change. A creative at heart, Lynda was first inspired by a career in the energy industry at the age of 14 when she attended an “Energy Challenge” in Scotland. Inspired by the scope, impact, challenges and possibilities in the industry, she later received an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship and went on to receive a first class degree in Mechanical Engineering at King’s College London. She has worked across the globe for oil and gas companies including ExxonMobil, Schlumberger and Royal Dutch Shell in roles spanning Public & Government Affairs, Engineering & Operations and Coaching. During this time, she acted as Chair of the Europe, Russia and Israel Student Operating Board of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and as a STEM mentor, ambassador and advocate with the Arkwright Trust.