Lydia Johnson

Master of Science in Genetics - University of Arizona

Lydia is a 22-year-old Physiology student currently in her final year of her undergraduate degree at Newcastle University. She applied for the Fulbright scholarship whilst on her placement year in Malaysia; after her initial ventures abroad brought so much joy, she realized there was so much opportunity to learn about and experience life in different cultures. Lydia has lived in Europe and Asia and wanted to cross another continent off the list! 

As a research-based scientist, the opportunity to study in US laboratories and be part of the research team was incredibly appealing, especially for the topic Lydia want to specialise in: epigenetics, primarily the influence of environment on disease. As Lydia is with the IIE Placement services, she’s applied to four potential universities that all have fantastic research groups in this field. Her aim is to create more accessible global education system on how to live a healthy lifestyle and reduce the increasing emergence of disease. 

Whilst Lydia is in the US she can't wait to explore and experience the beautiful nature sights that there is to offer. She’s a big fan of being outside, so she’s already excited to plan road trips to the beach and go on various hikes. Lydia is hoping to really become part of the community and create a home away from home. She’s interested in joining different clubs, potentially get into a new sport and meet lots of new people in the next part of her journey.