Lucia Li

All Disciplines Scholar Award, Harvard University - Neuroscience

Every doctor meets patients that they cannot forget. For me, that patient was a man who had sustained a severe brain injury following a fall. He survived, but his life has changed beyond recognition – he has anger and behavioural problems which have strained his marriage and led to him losing his job. Sadly, his story is not unique. Every 3 minutes, someone comes to hospital with a head injury. Problems with emotional function and behaviour are common and difficult to treat. During her research project, Lucia hopes to investigate some of the reasons why patients with head injuries develop these problems. Lucia is excited to join a brain injury research group at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, which is home to some extraordinary neuroscience research. She is looking forward to all the quirks about a country that can only be experienced by living there, and also to meeting her future colleagues and other Fulbrighters. International collaboration is central to science and medicine, so she could not be happier to be embarking the latest adventure in her research career with the Fulbright program.