Logan Kallam

Fulbright-Global Wales Postgraduate Award - MSc in Marine Environmental Protection at Bangor University

Logan’s passion for the marine environment started young and led to a double major in Environmental Sciences and Plant Biology at North Carolina State University in his home state. Following graduation, he aided in conservation by serving an AmeriCorps term at a land trust in the mountains of North Carolina working on stewardship and community education. The following year he continued that service approach while following a passion for coastal ecosystems by serving another AmeriCorps term with a county conservation district along the Puget Sound in Washington state. His interest in coastal ecosystems had been rekindled during a semester abroad in Australia.  

Pursuing the Master’s in Marine Environmental Protection at Bangor University is an exciting next step for Logan. He chose protection of the marine environment as it and its effect on coastal communities continues to grow in importance due to global issues like climate change. He is eager for his participation in the Fulbright program to foster new connections to like-minded individuals internationally. He plans to dive into learning about Welsh culture from other students and his own explorations. An avid hiker and explorer, he is also excited to explore the distinct natural beauty of Wales.