Lindsay Keiser

Fulbright/University of Warwick Award

Keiser graduated with a BSc in Chemistry (American Chemical Society accredited) and a minor in history from Lebanon Valley College (LVC). As a chemist and a historian, Keiser has been long enthralled with the history of preserving the heritage of diverse cultures and communities.  
For most of her undergraduate experience, Keiser participated in student-faculty research, leading to three poster presentations at LVC's annual Inquiry Symposium and one poster presentation at an American Chemical Society National Conference. Keiser combined her love for museums and chemistry in her undergraduate thesis, conducted in collaboration with scientists at the Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library in Delaware, which examined the degradation of a nitrocellulose lacquer used to protect silver and silver-plated objects.  
While at the University of Warwick, Keiser is excited to gain a deeper understanding of the materials and analytical techniques studied and used by cultural heritage scientists across the world. Beyond the laboratory, Keiser looks forward to engaging with history and culture in the many cultural heritage institutions of the Warwickshire region while learning about the past from a new historical perspective.