Lila Raouf

Fulbright/IOE-Faculty of Education and Society at University College London

Lila Raouf brings a decade of professional expertise in international development, refugee resettlement, and emergency management to her Fulbright fellowship. Lila began her career with United States Peace Corps in Jordan, the Kyrgyz Republic, and Peace Corps Headquarters in Washington, DC to implement various education and youth development projects. Slowly she developed an interest in humanitarian aid, and so she transitioned to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as a Program Specialist in 2021. Within this role, she delivered training and technical assistance to disaster survivors to support recovery initiatives. In addition, she has over five years of experience dedicated to aiding local refugee resettlement agencies through teaching and curriculum development. 
Lila holds a bachelor's degree in international studies and Near Eastern languages and cultures from Indiana University. Lila hopes to work with international organizations or federal agencies that provide disaster relief and humanitarian assistance to vulnerable communities in the United States or abroad. Originally from Mobile, Alabama, USA, Lila hopes to bring a diverse perspective to her studies and work.