Lewis McClenaghan

Fulbright Postgraduate All Disciplines Award, Masters of Arts Administration - Columbia University

Lewis McClenaghan graduated from the University of Warwick with a BA in Film and Literature in 2019. Whilst at Warwick his research interests gravitated towards Queer cinema and Aesthetics, Adaptation Theory, Representations of AIDS and illness onscreen, and Global/National Cinemas. He then completed the Wellcome Trust's 2-year Graduate Development program, where he completed placements across a wide range of cultural projects, such as the Wellcome Collections research and development team, The Hub residency with LandBodyEcologies and the program Mindscapes.

He also completed a 6-month placement with the UK Civil Services Department for Health and Social Care Global Health Team. After this, he opted for a slight change and moved to Colombia for two years to work as an English teacher with the British Council and translator.

He will go to the USA to complete a Masters's program in an inter-disciplinary arts, culture and policy program that will equip him with the skills to continue advancing in his career.