Lauren Allison

AC Member

Lauren specialises in public diplomacy and technology with a focus on enhancing how organizations engage with their stakeholders in productive and innovative ways. Trained as a public diplomacy professional at the University of Southern California as a Fulbright Postgraduate Awardee, Lauren has served an executive for organisations bringing technology and people together, including as CEO of #techmums – a non-profit that supports mothers in learning about and using technology – and as Executive Director of Sulby Media – a strategic content and public diplomacy agency. In addition to her Public Diplomacy Masters, Lauren holds a Master of Arts in International Relations from The University of St Andrews in conjunction with L’Institut des Études Politiques de Paris, and studied at the Centre for Comparative Conflict Studies at Singidunum University, Belgrade. For her research and work, Lauren received awards from the Philanthropic Education Organization and the British Universities North America Club. In addition to serving on the UK Fulbright Alumni Advisory Council, she is also a Fulbright application reader.