Larry Herrold

University of Kent Postgraduate Award, University of Kent - History

What caused me to take the leap from rural Pennsylvania to England? As an aspiring historian, I see the connectivity of places through their shared history, and how that history can impact the world today. Pennsylvania is rich in British colonial history, which is intimately intertwined with American and indigenous history. This year I recently graduated from Susquehanna University with my BA in History and Religious Studies. While at SU, I served the History Department as the Medical Humanities Fellow and as a teaching assistant for the History Methods class. I will be undertaking my Fulbright project at the University of Kent in Canterbury, as I pursue an MA in Modern History. I will be examining archival material related to British policies on American Loyalists during the Revolutionary War. Coupled with my prior research on American and Pennsylvanian policy towards this same demographic, I aim to demonstrate how states’ actions impacted one of history’s largest political refugee populations. History is a living, breathing field, a point I have the opportunity to demonstrate through Fulbright in researching the pressing issue of refugee movements. My hope is that, in the midst of this research into the past, I can establish personal connections with existing refugee populations in southern England through my love of ecclesiastically-based community service.