Kristina Hughes

Fulbright-University of Warwick Postgraduate Award - Humanitarian Engineering Program

Kristina Hughes, a native of State College, Pennsylvania, will graduate from the United States Military Academy in 2022 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Her desire to solve humanitarian crises with engineering solutions led to her three undergraduate publications in helicopter hoist stabilization and orbital debris modelling mathematical estimation.

With her research, she has been able to address the problems plaguing aeromedical evacuations and data collection from satellites tracking changes in climate patterns. With her studies in Mechanical Engineering, she is working to apply methods of controls and modeling to improving energy and infrastructural development following humanitarian crises.

Through the Fulbright Scholarship, Kristina will pursue a degree in Humanitarian Engineering with Sustainability at the University of Warwick and further develop ways to provide stability to disaster-ridden areas and populations. In her future Army career, Kristina hopes to combine her engineering expertise with her desire to serve disadvantaged populations by bridging the gap between military assistance and humanitarian aid.