Krishna Hariprasad

The Fulbright Queen's University Belfast Summer Institute 

Krishna Hariprasad was born and raised in San Francisco, California and is currently a rising junior at the University of Texas at Austin in Austin, Texas. Krishna is majoring in Biology with a minor in Government. Krishna is passionate about reproductive justice and addressing sexual health disparities.

Through advocacy organizations on campus and taking leadership at a nearby student-run free clinic, he has been able to implement initiatives that support sexual education and equitable resource allocation for marginalized communities.

Krishna plans to leverage his experiences navigating the intricacies of reproductive healthcare in Texas to deepen his understanding of politics and history in Northern Ireland at Queen's University Belfast. He aims to spark meaningful conversations and learn about advocacy efforts for change during his time at the university.

Krishna is also a fervent advocate of live music! During his time in Belfast, he looks forward to immersing himself and fellow Summer Institute members in the city's vibrant music scene, further enriching their cultural experience and fostering lasting friendships.