Kendra Reynolds

Fulbright Scholar in Residence, University of Tulsa and Tulsa Community College - Literature

I completed my PhD at Ulster University in Northern Ireland. Having published on the political challenges posed by twentieth and twenty-first century writers to limited mindsets, I am passionate about literature that opens us up to the possibility of new ways of thinking and being in the world. I am also Chairwoman of Women Aloud NI and have begun publishing my own poetry. During my Fulbright, my project will be ‘Teaching & Learning at Public and Private U.S. Institutions – an Irish Emphasis’. I aim to offer an Irish perspective on contemporary literatures for U.S. students and establish, for both them and I, links between issues of racial, gender, religious, and economic divides in our respective communities. My aim is to create a meaningful cross-cultural dialogue that expands both my mindset as a scholar, and the mindsets of the students I will meet. Having also been given the opportunity to teach creative writing in poetry, the project offers a rare opportunity for me to combine both my academic and creative passions. As an animal lover and equestrian, I plan on finding ranches to visit in Oklahoma and dream of seeing some wild mustangs.