Kaylen Pritchard

Fulbright University of St Andrews Summer Institute on Scotland's History: Kingdom, Nation, People

Kaylen Pritchard is from Fort Mill, South Carolina and a rising junior at the University of South Carolina Honors College majoring in English Literature with minors in History and Art History. She loves to engage with stories in every capacity, whether through literary study or as Editor-in-Chief of her campus magazine.

A history buff since childhood, Kaylen enjoys doing research, most recently working with medieval manuscripts. Upon graduation, she hopes to enroll in a doctoral program to study 19th and 20th century Anglophone wartime and maritime literatures. Kaylen has always had a special place in her heart for Scottish history, particularly the global context surrounding the Jacobite Rebellion.

Kaylen is thrilled for the opportunity to study the Scottish people and national identity broadly but is especially excited to take a closer look at the Scottish soldier identity, which will fortify her research for years to come. Kaylen is beyond grateful to be a part of such an exciting cohort, and she cannot wait to bring the joy of Scottish history back to the United States when she returns.