Kayla Jones

The Fulbright University of Bristol Summer Institute on Arts, Activism, and Social Justice

Kayla Jones is of the Navajo People from Low Mountain, Arizona; however, she grew up in Rock Springs, New Mexico. Her clans are Naaneesht' ézhi Táchii'nii (the Charcoal of the Red Running Into the Water People; her dad is Dzi ł t ł'ahnii (the Mountain Cove People); her maternal grandfather is Tł'ááshchí'í (the Red Bottom People); and her paternal grandfather is Haltsooi (the Meadow People).

She is currently a first-year student at New Mexico State University, majoring in Government and minoring in Native American studies. Kayla intends to devote her career to enhancing Native American quality of life and political status. She is particularly interested in the issues of public health and political representation. She also plans to explore the history and culture of Indigenous peoples across the Americas and the world.

Kayla hopes that being immersed in studying the intersection of social justice, activism, and the arts at the University of Bristol Summer Institute will grant her new perspectives on the issues she hopes to address in the US, including feminism, water rights, and political work generally.