Kayla Berg

Fulbright/King's College London Award

Kayla holds an MA in International Relations from American University where she built a foundation of understanding individual actors within the global arena and how larger concepts in national security were driven by individual people. Her dissertation examined how the Stasi used individual representations of self in the case of Romeo Spies. During her undergraduate studies in psychology, Kayla explored how emotions and perceptions can shape the lens through which individuals see their environment and make decisions. She was also a Kathryn Davis Fellow for Peace at Middlebury College (German).  
After university, Kayla built a career in public service connecting and navigating the complexities of the relationship between people, politics and government. As a PhD student at King’s College London Department of War Studies, her research will focus on how the GDR Ministry for State Security used psychology in the collection of personal information of foreign adversaries during the Cold War. This Fulbright will give Kayla the opportunity to help develop new dimensions when exploring the contemporary relevance of Cold War history. She looks forward to connecting with others in her community by volunteering with the Scouts, mountain biking and exploring the many landscapes of the United Kingdom.