Kavin Chada

Fulbright-University of St. Andrews Postgraduate Award in Arts & Humanities – Philosophy: Kantian Buddhism

On a high school summer program in the UK, Kavin Chada—an Italian/Indian born and raised in New York City—found his way into philosophy and Buddhist practice. These became the focus of his undergraduate studies at Columbia University, along with his interest in languages. During his time at Columbia, Kavin studied under distinguished scholars of Kant, and began to see parallels between Kantian and Buddhist thought. This led to his main philosophical project since then: a synthesis of Kantian philosophy and modern Buddhist practice, aimed at providing the foundation of a secular Buddhist understanding of ethics and transforming Western religious practice.

In addition to being a philosopher and writer, he is a dedicated (yet humbly-skilled) jazz musician, playing the trumpet and recording many of his own compositions. He is also a climber who enjoys bouldering.

While at the University of St Andrews, Kavin will continue his study of philosophy, specializing in Kant’s moral philosophy. He also looks forward to finding musician and climbing friends, as well as fellow Buddhist practitioners in the UK.