Julie Crockett

Queen Mary University of London Scholar Award, Queen Mary University of London - Mechanical Engineering

I am an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Brigham Young University in Utah. I have always been fascinated by flowing fluids, such as waterfalls, or objects moving through fluids, such as airplanes. I have had the opportunity to accomplish research in fluid mechanics from large scale ocean waves to small droplets on microstructured surfaces. Through my Fulbright I hope to add an even smaller, nano-scale, understanding to my repertoire. My Fulbright will allow me to learn modelling techniques and share experimental methodologies to define nano-material (one atom thick) motion in impinging liquid droplets. This research will lay the groundwork for future improvements in nano-sheet manufacturing and processing techniques for enhanced capability of medical and electrical devices. I am excited to work with new collaborators to advance our knowledge and improve current research techniques through different points of view. I am also looking forward to spending time in a new country, with a different culture, where there is so much history and social experience to learn from. I enjoy visiting historically significant sites and spending time in nature. I look forward to travelling both cities and the countryside to visit many of these types of sites throughout the UK.