Josie Tidmore

Fulbright/Cardiff University Award

Josie Tidmore graduated from Bowdoin College with a B.A. in Neuroscience and English. As an undergraduate, she developed a foundation in stem cell and molecular biology through her research in the Rubin lab at Harvard University and in the Powell lab at Bowdoin, where she completed her senior thesis.  

As a Fulbright postgraduate, Josie will study sex-specific kidney disease phenotypes in kidney epithelial cells as an M.Phil. student in the Fraser lab at Cardiff University. Using stem cells from patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), Josie aims to develop a human model of kidney cells in order to identify sex-specific differences in disease pathology, work which may contribute to the development of more targeted therapies for CKD. After Fulbright, she intends to earn an MD-PhD and eventually start her own lab dedicated to studying kidney regeneration. Her goal is to lead a lab that emphasizes multicultural collaboration in pursuit of scientific advances in kidney health.  

Outside of the laboratory, Josie is involved in patient advocacy for rare kidney diseases. She is eager to share her experiences in the rare disease space with a larger community of patient advocates and healthcare professionals as a volunteer with local kidney health organizations in Wales.