Jordan Ogle

University of Exeter Postgraduate Award, University of Exeter - Literature

A lifelong Hoosier, I graduated summa cum laude from Wabash College, a liberal arts institution in west central Indiana, with a B.A. in literature and a minor in philosophy. Though initially drawn to the intersecting fields of literature and philosophy by the later-Romantics’ fascination with the metaphysical and the psychological, I spent the latter part of my undergraduate career considering the post-structuralist implications of the Confessional poets – the clear inheritors of the Romantic “I” – and the ways in which the poetry of mid-century America reflected and unsettled notions of gender and power.

As the Student Assistant Director of the Wabash College Writing Center, I had the opportunity to shape the curriculum for incoming writing consultants, bringing awareness to the importance of identity and affect within pedagogic spaces, while sharpening my own teaching skills. In 2018, I was named the inaugural Julia Rosenberg Writing Fellow for my research presented at the International Writing Centers Association Conference and my work within Wabash’s Center itself.

As a Fulbright Fellow, I will continue my research at Exeter into the Confessional movement alongside Professor Jo Gill, a leading expert in mid-20th century American poetry, in the English literary studies M.A. program. I intend to engage with the local community through literature while completing my M.A., working with a local bookstore to attract readers to join me in poetry readings and a book club to discuss American and British storytelling and its impact on our lives. Following my time at the University of Exeter, I will begin my doctoral work in American poetry and feminist theory.