Joniel Lewis

Aberystwyth University Summer Institute on Identity and Nationhood

Joniel Lewis, a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University, was born in West Palm Beach, Florida, and raised in Kennesaw, Georgia. She is pursuing a double major in Molecular Cellular Biology and Public Health on the Pre-Med Track, aiming to become a physician with Doctors Without Borders. Her ultimate goal is to establish a pro bono clinic to advance global and medical health.

Joniel is eager to explore the political and economic structure of Wales and participate in a service-learning project at Aberystwyth University to understand its impact on their nation’s identity. She is deeply passionate about the link between healthcare accessibility and financial constraints, having witnessed individuals' health decline due to inadequate resources. Through her involvement in clubs and organizations, Joniel aims to utilize her skills to establish an environment where prioritizing health takes precedence over financial limitations.

Alongside academic pursuits, she is thrilled about engaging with a diverse group of friends in a different environment at the Summer Institute.