Jonathan Vogel

Aston Martin Coventry University Automotive Postgraduate Award, Coventry University - Automative Engineering

Jonathan recently graduated cum laude from Clemson University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. A lifelong car enthusiast, he used his undergraduate education to pursue his passion in the field of vehicle dynamics and gain experience in the automotive industry. This journey began on the Clemson Formula SAE team, where he helped design and build open-wheel race cars to compete in international competitions. At the International Center for Automotive Research, he created new projects exploring the application of carbon fiber in race car suspensions and the development of a novel full-vehicle design methodology utilising multi-objective optimisation. During his MSc in Automotive Engineering, Jonathan aims to use the latest innovations in electric technology to interrogate current axioms of vehicle design and uncover new ways to develop meaningful experiences in cars. In the UK he will position himself at the forefront of the motorsport industry, such as Formula One, which will provide the creative and fast paced environment needed to innovate and explore new ideas. He is also incredibly excited to engage with the London jazz scene, and continue his adventures in music and performance.