John Glover

Fulbright-Cardiff University Postgraduate Award – History - Diversity and British Labor: The History of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners

John, originally from Nashville, Tennessee, received his BA in History from Tulane University in 2021 and is passionate about historical research and writing. He has researched and written about topics ranging from how disproportionate access to medical amenities has shaped Louisiana history to foreign policy controversies in the Vietnam War-era United States Congress.

His Honors Thesis profiled some of the principal dissident political leaders of the Great Depression-era U.S., analyzing the interplay between the American Marxist and Populist traditions. John is excited to parlay his experience into an exploration of analogous tendencies in British and Welsh history. He looks forward to pursuing his MA in History at Cardiff University. While a Tulane student living in New Orleans, Louisiana, John became active in mental-health community organizing efforts on campus and in the city of New Orleans. He participated in the formation of the Tulane Collegiate Recovery Community and a recovery community situated in the city’s 8th Ward neighborhood. John looks forward to participating in and learning from mental-health recovery groups in Cardiff. He is ecstatic at the prospect of experiencing life in Wales from the countryside’s famous walking trails to the vibrant cultural scene in Cardiff’s music venues.