Jessica Tatchell

All Disciplines Award, Harvard University - Sociology

I am currently completing my PhD in Global Health and Social Medicine at King’s College London under a studentship with the Economic and Social Science Research Council. My work considers the social, political and normative dimensions of biomedicine and health, particularly in the context of new disciplines such as epigenetics. I received a BA in Sociology and MA in Social Research Methods from the University of Warwick. I will be a Visiting Research Fellow at Harvard University’s programme on Science, Technology and Society where I will be continuing my PhD research and taking part in the programme’s activities to develop my understanding of the theories and methods in the field of Science and Technology Studies. As a competitive powerlifter and advocate for increased participation of women in strength sports, I am very excited to continue my training in the US and become part of the Boston strength sports community. I’m particularly looking forward to picking up some new skills in the sport of strongwoman and I hope to find a local competition to enter. I will also be spending some of my spare time volunteering at a Boston dog shelter, as I’ll be missing my own dog back home enormously!