Jeremy D'Silva

All Disciplines Postgraduate Award, Queen Mary, University of London - Biology

With a BS in mathematics from the University of Michigan, Jeremy is pursuing a career in biology research, applying mathematical techniques to problems in cancer and chromatin biology. He has already worked with a number of experts in this field. With Professor Marisa Eisenberg, he has developed models for the 2014-2016 West African Ebola epidemic, and studied the identifiability of infectious disease models. With Professor Arul Chinnaiyan and Dr. Sethu Pitchiaya, he has also developed a computational pipeline for microscopy images, in order to study spatial and transcriptional heterogeneity in cancer cell populations. Jeremy is delighted to be working with Professor Trevor Graham at Barts Cancer Institute during his Fulbright where he will develop spatial models of the interaction between tumours and the immune system. The goal is to better understand the parameters influencing the tumour-immune interaction, which could inform future immunotherapies. In addition to his research, he plans to form connections within the UK mathematical biology community. He also hopes to play chamber music (as a violinist) and rekindle his involvement in choral music.