Jason Ray

Fulbright-Global Wales Visiting Student Researcher Award - Bangor University School of Welsh and Celtic Studies

Jason Ray is a PhD candidate in English at Fordham University, focusing on medieval literature and critical theory. He received a BA in Theater Studies from Yale University and an MA in Medieval & Renaissance Studies from Columbia University.  His dissertation project explores how nostalgia operates in medieval texts, particularly how medieval subjects themselves feel and write about their past in those texts. 

Jason is thrilled to be a Global Wales Visiting Student Researcher and to have the opportunity to immerse himself in the country’s rich history and culture as well as its beautiful countryside.  At Bangor, he will pursue an interdisciplinary project that considers how language, texts, and monuments reflect and shape cultural memory, experience, and identity.  He is interested in how early Welsh subjects self-identified in the face of displacement, subjugation, and exploitation before modern colonialism.  Jason is also very excited to study the Welsh language and enjoy the rich musical heritage in Wales, from traditional Celtic to choral, while on his Fulbright.