Jasmine Brittan

Fulbright All Disciplines Postgraduate Award, Masters of Transportation Systems - NYU

Jasmine Brittan, from Derby, is an ambitious engineering graduate of the University of Warwick.

During her undergraduate career, Jasmine worked on the sensor experiments team at the European Space Agency and was selected as a youth delegate to COP27. She also was involved in fundraising for the Warwick Boring Team, global finalists in Elon Musk’s Not-a-Boring Competition. Through this work, she was selected as an Engineering Leaders Scholar by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

In the US, Jasmine will pursue a degree combining her technical engineering background with policy. Her specific research ambitions pertain to the integration of urban air mobility transport within society.

Alongside her academics, Jasmine hopes to become involved in sport and entrepreneurship. More specifically, having already run the London Marathon she hopes to achieve the same feat in New York. She further hopes to become involved in dance as one of the passions she has followed since the age of three.