Jane Donnelly

University of Warwick Postgraduate Award, University of Warwick - Engineering

Originally from Davidsonville, MD, I recently graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, DC with a B.S. in Biochemistry. During my time at Georgetown, I conducted research about biologically relevant metals and their possible roles in enzyme function. I am incredibly excited to extend my field of research by studying how transition metals like copper and iron impact the pathogenesis and development of Alzheimer's Disease. Along with Dr Joanna Collingwood's research group at the University of Warwick in Coventry, I hope to identify targets for improved treatments for what may be the most significant health crisis of our generation. My enthusiasm to pursue a Fulbright in the U.K. arose not only from my admiration for Dr Collingwood's cutting-edge work, but also from my excitement to live full-time in the U.K. Besides being the birthplace of the Beatles (arguably the greatest band of all time), the U.K. has a rich history of literary and scientific innovation which makes it the perfect place to simultaneously conduct scientific research and wander around reading novels and listening to 1960s pop music. I am very grateful for the opportunity that Fulbright gives me to explore both British lands and British ideas; I can't wait to get started!